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I just loved to make that happen! I really didn't like Derpy anyway! That was awesome man!

This video was an inspiration to the sprite animation MLP series. I must say you did a really good job with this animation. I loved what happened and this was I must say, the best animation I have seen in a while! I wish ya luck with the rest of the animations!

Well seriously, I don't understand why so many people hate this but it is a creepypasta after all. But this is the only one which is good! And has a little scare. But since I appreciate Pony violence, this is the best one of all.

When the violence started I was like... OH SHIT! WHAT THE F&$@ IS THIS! OH GOD THIS IS KILLING ME! That's what everyone would say but I appreciate this! Well done! And keep this up...

Please do Rainbow Factory!

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My final words in this game:
"Take care........for eternity..........."
Aged 130.........

How would this affect me in real life.........
Really good game!

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Wow... It feels dark...

I'm saying this because I am actually undergoing an depression that feels too strong, I somehow blame my mother for making me do this. Because it was at a critical point where I am studying for my Year 10 exams for the year, and as it is in this step, I start to study, but my mother takes me the wrong way, as I'm trying to work, she thinks I lie, she thinks I'm a failure, but it feels too rigid, normally I would take it, but as it is now in this stage... She was... harsh...

She wanted me to pass... I somehow blame myself because I don't do it, like I don't try hard enough, I do want to pass, really I do, but my mind always tells me to do something else... and after one crucial step she did, she broke me... I got angry, and I spoke back, I became foul and abusive (not in a bad or harsh way), and she just made me angry... and after that... she had it, she didn't like me in this way anymore...

My Dad now keeps an eye on me, and my sister isn't even caring, because I encounter the same stuff everyday. And I don't like that... It feels like I no longer want to exist... But I want to fight through it, it's too hard... for my bad side of the brain to take...

I understand I was supposed to give a review about this masterpiece, but this music made me wanna say how I exactly feel, because as soon as I heard this song, I wanted to let go of my troubles... But I don't know how...

I want to thank you for making these incredible piano pieces, and I hope, you will keep that classical dream alive.

- Shifan Patel (AKA: Krazzy)

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I like to say this piano work, even though I am a fan of piano music making, I recently did a cover of the Scientist by Coldplay and Viva La Vida also by Coldplay.

In this, I see this is a reflection song, looking back by about 21 years and then when you got into music making. I'm proud of the notes you put on this piece. When I hear this piece, I just hope your career in music making goes on and on when the day you pass on.

Excellent work Blaze, I'm proud of ya!

- Krazzy

(PS: I used a cover of your song "Story Left Untold." and I performed it in School back in 2012. People liked it! Thanks a lot for the awesome piece!.)
(PPS: I also like to ask if this is okay to appear in my flash series "My Little Pony: Equestrian Warriors? Just wondering.)

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BlazingDragon responds:

Krazzy, thank you so much for your words! Comments like this mean the world to me and bring an enormous smile to my face. You. Are. Awesome. :)

And feel free to use my music in your slash series!

I need the looped version for my movie!

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This is a really good idea. I've decided to make an animation about this... I'm releasing a preview tomorrow

EDIT: Now featuring not just Mario, Sonic and Kirby... but MEGAMAN also!

Just some random shit animator.


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