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Oh my god...

2014-02-28 01:18:02 by Krazzygamer3y2

A month for so long and still nothing... Nothing to say really, I have no news about the MLP EW ep.1 and Madness: TRF because I'm under maintenance. I wish I could stay updated with Newgrounds but now I hang around on DA mostly for social hangouts. So visit me if you must...


But now I still have something in my mind, something which is sparking inside of me, because of other Mario/Sonic animators, it makes me want to animate Sonic series again... So stay tuned for that if I have a final decision.


EDIT: I've now gone into making music, just some simple lyrical and beaty music made from LMMS and Hydrogen, even though Fruity Loops and Garageband are useful for making music, I found it too complicated but this program is easy to use and I can make music with this program in a cinch, I try to make it sound good and estetically presentable so here you are... A song I'm right now working on in the time being, I hope you enjoy... (Lyrics found in the description).

- Krazzy


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2014-03-13 12:49:06

i wanted to work on a continuation for super mario bros z but i just can't get myself to do it. don't know why. i hope you can get yourself to do your project. the keys. remember to know the tools you will use like the back of your hand. and probably write some stuff down. make sure you have a plan of some sort so you can work on it faster.

Krazzygamer3y2 responds:

Don't know if it'll work but I'll take my efforts into consideration, now because I've been making music, I thought of continuing music making as my only aim, Not just animations.


2014-03-17 00:29:32

just focusing on music? i'm trying to do all three. which i can usually do but lately i've been confused and muttled. it could possibly be the size of this particular project. or maybe it's because i'm working on other things as well. i just don't know.