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Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - January 10th, 2016

It's been awhile Newgrounds! I just want to say, I hope everyone has had a great 2016. I hope they got everything they need for christmas and their birthdays. So, after like 7-8 months. I am almost done with the Episode 1, Scene 1 remake for the KAI port for Super Mario Bros Z. And I will be throwing in a bit of originality in animation, as well as some 3D stuff. Keep in mind, that I do not intend to use SMBZ KAI to compete with the original SMBZ, for money and popularity that most kiddish animators that rip off SMBZ would do. This project is meant for practice, dedication, as well as improving storyline aspects and it is merely intended as a fan-project, not intended for profit, or for popularity. I want to use this project to improve fight quality, storyline building and for original ideals, as well as emphasis in speech, character development and quality over quantity.

To make it more precise... I'll note out some changes that I will be making in the KAI port.

  1. 3D Animations Closeup:
    • ​​So, of course, I will involve the use of 3D Animation Models, using the power of MikuMikuDance, combining with the capabilitys of flash, I can make the animations a little smoother than what they will present in the program. For Metallix, at the moment, I do not have a 3D Model of him, but if anybody would like to model him, that would be awesome, and it may come in useful. But that does not mean 3D Model Animation for him will be ruled out. I will be using a Neo Metal Sonic model, slightly modified to avoid any relevance to him. It was only a simple edit. But I may actually have a crack at making my own 3D Models after learning of a program called Metasequia. Wherever I go, whether it is Newgrounds or Deviantart, there's always a good place to find all kinds of goodies. To probably use in the future.
  2. Language and Dialogue Edits:
    • ​​Curse words will be involved in the KAI edit for speech emphasis. I will also do that so that the speech in the KAI edit of SMBZ has more effect to the audience, and give that particular feel like if it was an anime directed by Funimation. There are animes like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online, which somewhat use the word "Bastard" a lot. So I will be using a range of swear words in the edit too, but it will not be overused, because that can destroy the dialogue emphasis of an *ACTION* sprite movie. I will also not use words beyond the f-word. Even though it's now commonly used, in a Mario and Sonic parody, I'd say no. Just keep it less sweet, and keep it teen-rated, with words that teens can handle.
    • For dialogues, I will be making a small amount of changes to it, along with those dialogue edits. It will change the way the animation is played out. This would also seem like a good time for the heroic duo, as well as the Mario brothers to have a personality of their own. That's right... In the KAI port, I have decided to give the Mario Brothers and the Wario Brothers dialogue, so that their personality can be described better. The only hard part is what they will say at every moment it involves them, so I will have to make sure I have to do it right. So, I will update you on that.
  3. Music Changes:
    • ​​Of course, I will add in new music. All the music that was previously there from Alvin's Original Work, as well as his rework, most of it won't be involved, but some will be involved if there is a particular scene that needs to have that music. But otherwise, most music will be replaced with music from the newer realm, like New Super Mario Bros U, or Destiny or DBZ KAI or Dragon Ball Super. But it will use music from older realms in other spots. I won't reveal some names though so that I don't spoil alot. Nothing much to say about this.
  4. Violence:
    • ​​​​In Super Mario Bros Z KAI, Violence with Blood will be involved. Like in anime, blood is shown when violence is involved, heck, when Dragon Ball Z was released, it had blood, and Dragon Ball Super as well as Dragon Ball Z KAI had blood involved. This is mostly towards all the hate people have for violence in cartoon shows whenever blood is mentioned or seen. Same goes for swearing too, even with slight nudity or sexual references of some sort. So I am sort of treating this as my comeback to all the horrible things about TV shows. But of course, I won't mention Nudity or any other Sexual Kinds in this, because that can destroy the port completely. I have to keep it action-oriented. So it will involve blood... But I will try not to over-exceed it, but it may need to be done.
  5. Change up of sprites: Palette and Style-Wised:
    • ​​Note out... not all Sprites will be changed. But a definite answer is that all Paper Mario sprites that were there will be replaced to another sprite form. And that's the sprites that will be seen in the Mario and Luigi RPG series. There's also the announcement of Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, but they treat it like a universe kind of thing, as if Paper Mario and M&L are from a completely different universe. So in this, I do not like the idea of Paper Mario sprites and M&L sprites being in the same universe, as of which, I will not have those added in the same universe. The only universe that will be added is the Sonic Advance universe. With different palette sprites, Metallix will still have the same design as did in SMBZ, but he will recieve a new palette color to be used. In the beginning of the animation, I haven't done it yet, but it will be done after the whole animation is finished.
  6. 3D Animation:
    • ​​More 3D animation will be involved. But unlike SMBZ, I will be using the use of Rendered Textured floor animations, to make it more realistic, as well as more detailed. Even though its a lot of work, if you do it right, you'll be able to make it work miracles. So everytime I have to animate it, it has to look good, which is why it would take the first scene very long. But the 3D animation won't be overused a lot. But it seemed I did in the first scene. I may lessen it up in the second scene in the future.

So, these are all the changes that I plan to put in the KAI port for SMBZ. Check my Deviantart for more info. But I promise I will try and get something done for Newgrounds in 2016. Until then, see you.

Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - September 4th, 2015

Yeah, remember the name?

So today, I received some ground-breaking news today. I heard that Alvin is finally coming out of his shell. Thanks to the incredible technology of Swivel. While I heard about this before and I have tried it before, it is an incredible, and a unique program, more of a hybrid to use when it comes to Sprite animations and other animation stuff. And I have considered using it when I export the Trixie Ace Attorney series.

But after seeing Alvin's remake, and his next few routes. He was intending on coming back, as well as making a new intro to the series. By then, I looked back to my older animations, ranging from 2012-2014. I kinda saw that they were shit, and they were shit. As proven by Newgrounds. Never once have I made a sprite animation, with more dedication, and tweaks, to make it more better. I finally thought about it, and so... I'm practicing the use of animation again, as well as the use of Swift 3D. With textured floors and stuff.

I looked back to my first remake, and then my recent remake of SMBZ KAI. And they were terrible. So, this time, I will step it back a notch. And make it better. As well as adding some new stuff. If I feel up to it. I also feel like making another intro, but this time, I will not use the Dragon Soul intro. The theme song I will use will not be revealed until it is complete.

For the episode remake, it is actually currently in the works, Paper Mario sprites in the series, will be replaced with sprites from M&L 3. And Metallix will get a different colour palette. The frame rates of the episode will not be 24 or 30 fps, but this time, it will be 34 fps, to follow the same animation style, like Proxicide's.

I will still use action script, so that I have better experience when it comes to Programming. And other from that, that's it, if I want to do SMBZ KAI again, I'll let you know.

So this is an update from me, I have to go now, check out my Twitter and Deviantart, and maybe here for future updates. So, see you guys, next time.


Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - August 26th, 2014

Now I want to make one thing clear, I do not like posting updates regularly, but I feel like I want to say some things to you guys, just so I can get it out of my system.

So in all honesty, I want to say that being a brony is somewhat... more fun, I mean... More projects and projects related to the news of MLP, just keep striking my brain, and I work on these new ideas, just so I can be part of the brony community... But it's never so easy.

Today, I managed to finish up the script for the animation I've been aching to work on, but still more things need to be done before we can start on the full product. First of all, voice actors... Now it is true I was able to organise, almost all the voice actors through a forum via audition, but why is it still damn hard to find a voice for Babs Seed and Rainbow Dash, who are like, gonna be in the first episode of the series, I know it can be a real pain, but because me and jmkrebs30 have been getting together in making the project. I feel somewhat guilty, because it is also delaying his World of Danger series, but's it's on hiatus, there will be a time he has to work on it. So I hope he understands.

I'm not saying I have to work on my own, I just feel guilty that he's helping me in working on this animation, if he's fine with it... Then I guess I am too, I, just need to talk more about it.

Secondly, there will be custom scenes in the animation, so I will be requesting of course, CUSTOM BACKGROUND MLP vectors, I see a lot of people make things that aren't even featured in the show so I'll be introducing that element. I will need to put up another forum post about it. Because I will be looking for additional animators, maybe two or I'm fine with just the two of us working together. It's like R1665 and CE-Rap working together on the VG-Exile series (ONCE LONG AGO).

Thirdly, I really need someone who can make puppets of Sonata. Who was the OC of Neoartimus in his series, Turnabout Storm, which in this animation, it takes place 5 years after the events of Neo's animation. Now I can spill out a review about it, but I'm not bothered to do so, because you people can check it out yourselves, I'm not too fuss. If you just search it up on Youtube, you can find it.

And fourth, maybe this MLP canon series is what I've truly hoped for, now I know some people are excited about the MLP: EW series which I so wanted to work on, but I've started to lack on it, mostly because of the animation of the story line and I felt it was going nowhere. I didn't want my sprite series to start off, lacking in storyline. Seriously, Michael Bay always does it, a shit head for him to do so, I don't know how he does it.

With these things, I don't know if it's mostly gonna be MLP stuff now, it may become a new hobby for me, ever since I got into the show at 2013, it starts to evolve so far. Maybe I'll start making more videos about it. But none the less... The last line goes like this.

Trixie Lulamoon - Ace Attorney: The series is now on it's proofreading stages, I will be announcing a forum on MLPForums for more information on who I need to help me.

MLP: Equestrian Warriors: The SERIES, IS DEAD! It will be replaced by the Ace Attorney series. But I may work on some more pony fighting sprite animations. Because I love to do so.

Well! So now I got that out of my chest, gosh I like doing descriptive blog posts. I will see you later, expect a new update to come out soon in the long term run. So see ya! Have a good one m8!

- Krazzy

Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - June 21st, 2014

Man, it's been 4 months and I didn't upload any new bullshit. Sprite Animations are still going strong, ever since I announced on my DA that I got back to SMBZ episode 9 (original), I decided to refurbish it from the previous original scenes I made it with, the 2nd scene was a bit letdown but now I managed to make it interesting after making some refurbishments to it.

Now things are going strong, no plans for MLP animations. I'm still trying to finish off the old SMBZ trilogy so that it can well and truly be put to rest. There will be no Smithy Saga but if you want me to make one, tell me why and I'll think about it. Now, take a look at my previous animations and newer animations. Tell the difference between em.

See how much I improved, so I leave you to it, have a good day.


- Krazzy


Scene 1 (First Draft): http://krazzygamer3y2.deviantart.com/art/Super-Mario-Bros-Z-ep-9-Scene-1-Preview-370490902?q=sort%3Atime%20((SMBZ)%20AND%20(by%3AKrazzygamer3y2))&qo=8

Scene 2 (First Draft): http://krazzygamer3y2.deviantart.com/art/SMBZ-episode-9-Scene-2-Unfinished-preview-387282578?q=sort%3Atime%20((SMBZ)%20AND%20(by%3AKrazzygamer3y2))&qo=6

Scene 1 & 2 (Refurbished):http://krazzygamer3y2.deviantart.com/art/SMBZ-ep-9-Scene-1-and-Scene-2-WIP-454831414?q=sort%3Atime%20((SMBZ)%20AND%20(by%3AKrazzygamer3y2))&qo=1

Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - February 28th, 2014

A month for so long and still nothing... Nothing to say really, I have no news about the MLP EW ep.1 and Madness: TRF because I'm under maintenance. I wish I could stay updated with Newgrounds but now I hang around on DA mostly for social hangouts. So visit me if you must...


But now I still have something in my mind, something which is sparking inside of me, because of other Mario/Sonic animators, it makes me want to animate Sonic series again... So stay tuned for that if I have a final decision.


EDIT: I've now gone into making music, just some simple lyrical and beaty music made from LMMS and Hydrogen, even though Fruity Loops and Garageband are useful for making music, I found it too complicated but this program is easy to use and I can make music with this program in a cinch, I try to make it sound good and estetically presentable so here you are... A song I'm right now working on in the time being, I hope you enjoy... (Lyrics found in the description).


- Krazzy

Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - January 1st, 2014

2014, man is it gonna be fun... Time to get some projects out of the way to start on.


Madness Day 2014 animation:

Well, first I have to finish the promo but I have to get the voice actors finished, if they sent the email then I might as well get started but if they are busy, I'm gonna have to reopen the auditions for people who don't wait long enough.


MLP: Equestrian Warriors Intro (Remake):

I thought the previous one was too similar to the Bleach opening so I thought I'd remake it but the intro I'm doing is similar but based on the "When the Cicadas Cry." intro. The first opening is based from the original but the rest will be entirely by me. So stay tuned for that.


MLP: Equestrian Warriors Episode 1:

The major project is still being worked on. I just have to keep going with the plot. Along with small minor voice clips just for the fights and all that. I can't say much about this project cause work is keeping the rest of the plans a secret. But if you want to see some backstory of the whole series, including what the title screen looks like... click here!



The menu is mostly the style derived from R1665's old menu screen setups. Hope you like the ideas I have planned... and also... more pony memes... Yeah, kill me! But the new year is here!


Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - December 9th, 2013

Time for the shits ang giggles to know what the heck is going on with me...

Right now on vacation but not stopping me for entertainment... But it's good so I'm now going to reveal some upcoming plans for my next animations in the future.

MLP - Equestrian Warriors Episode 1 -

It is in the making at this time but I have to finish off some scripting and music planning but for now, animation comes first before the music.

Madness Day 2014 animation -

Yeah, I planned a Madness Animation coming up in September 22nd 2014, If you wanna know what it is, it is when Hank launches an attack on a Rainbow Factory recently popped up in Nevada... since people including Sanford and Deimos have disappeared, Hank decides to attack the rainbow factory to stop their plans...

"In the Rainbow Factory, where the Madness has just begun."

The full animation has not yet been started but the promo is being worked on. So expect that soon...


To end this news post, I present a pony meme!

See ya dawgs... eeyup!




Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - November 10th, 2013

People are wondering... what the hell has happened to me? To tell you the truth I was slacking off in making entertainment for this particular area since I was focusing on making entertainment for my other account... Sybredrive

Considering which, I wanted to make something for this account so for something I did not share I decided to release my remake animation here on Newgrounds for you to enjoy... and for good MK vs SF or other inspired animators. Join my collab by going into this link below!


For now... se ya dawgs... FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!

Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - October 5th, 2013

Time for an update!

For those who are wondering, when is SMBZ KAI coming up, or when will I finish SMBZ? Anything asked which involves Mario and all other sorts, truth is... I've been slacking off in making Mario animations and the Sonic ones, it's because I've been more busy improving my sprite animation talent and my storyline making. Which is why I am doing a particular series called "My Little Pony - Protectors of Earth".

I've actually been focusing more on Pony animations just for the sake of it. And I didn't use the vcam for movement that much, I only use it for shakes and that's why I gave up on Vcam lots on some animations, because it is just not worth it. I wanted to get my animation talent like Proxicide, D-Sun and R1665. By making Parallax animations which can make it feel like this animation is real time. Some animations use that process but for when I started with it, I was thinking that was hard work so I was practicing the talent a lot and I wanted to do this time by getting myself into the spirit.

All my other projects I wanted to do are not dead. But on my mind, I was really in a thought if I should just quit making Mario Ball Z parodies cause most of them are already dying out there and I really don't know if I should end it all. But I was focusing my attention on Pony fighting animations cause the only time I see ponys fight is against evil things. I thought of them fighting all the time. That is why I am doing this series.

So I introduce my new series, My Little Pony - Protectors of Earth, to Newgrounds. However, it is almost done but I need someone to collab with in making the series. Cuz it's a drawn and sprite animation. Like Mark's animations and mostly R1665's animations. Someone who could help me out in drawing up the chars for the series would be greatly appreciated!

For now, see ya'll dogs later and have a mighty applesmarty time!

- Shifi

Posted by Krazzygamer3y2 - September 17th, 2013

I'm not surprised... I didn't even know that it's been two months and I haven't released anything new... Probably sometimes I gotta keep more contact here and I've also been busy with animations...

But I managed to get a new sprite animation. Meh, don't even care if sprite animations are dying here, Point is, just keep going...

I have some info on my new series on my DA! Visit there...